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Gotenshita Memorial Arena Improvement Project

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About the Gotenshita Memorial Arena Improvement Project

 The Gotenshita Memorial Arena is an all-round sports and training facility on the Hongo Campus that was completed in 1988 with the support of alumni and other University supporters in commemoration of the University of Tokyo’s centennial anniversary in 1977. The buildings were constructed beneath the Gotenshita training ground and include a gymnasium, exercise studio, bouldering wall, swimming pool and training room. Each facility is operated with the aim of contributing to training and sporting activities that will enable students, faculty and alumni, etc., to maintain overall health and well-being and will also enable members of sports clubs to improve their competitive strengths.

ジムナジアム スタジオ クライミングウォール プール トレーニング室

   <Gymnasium>    <Exercise class>   <Bouldering wall>   <Swimming pool>   <Training room>

 The arena is now in its 27th year of operation and wear and tear on various facilities has become noticeable in recent years. Ongoing maintenance and improvements are essential in order to ensure that the arena can continue to be used safely as a sports and training facility. Furthermore, the annual user rate has risen to approximately 180,000 and in order to respond to the diverse needs of users it is now necessary to promote the expansion and enhancement of existing facilities.

 The implementation of all improvement and development projects requires considerable funds and it would be difficult in the extreme to source such funds in their entirety from the University’s limited budget. It was in the face of this situation that this fund was established. We ask for your kind consideration and support for this project.

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