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Your Support of the Global Nursing Research Center Fund will be appreciated.

Hiromi Sanada

  With its falling birthrate and super-aging society, Japan is in need of a paradigm shift that will move it away from a ‘medical care that cures’ toward a ‘medical and nursing care that supports.’ The Global Nursing Research Center, GNRC, was established in April 2017, with the purpose of promoting research into a transdisciplinary innovative nursing science that will allow nursing, which plays a central role in providing ‘care,’ to develop into a new field in a society experiencing a falling birthrate and super-aging, and to foster young researchers able to lead it.
  One of our missions is to develop young researchers who can lead a transdisciplinary innovative nursing science. In the United States, there is a system that allows institutes such as universities to employ post-doctoral fellows using grants from the National Institutes of Health. The young researchers employed in this system can learn the basics of being Principal Investigators, PI, under their mentors. The establishment of the GNRC created a training center designed to develop young researchers in Japan. However, putting in place three post-doctoral fellows a year, which was planned as one of our key performance indicators, is currently difficult because the number of positions we can make available is limited by our current budgetary situation.
  Therefore, in order to fulfill our mission, it will be necessary to acquire additional funds from external parties so that we may employ excellent young researchers as post-doctoral fellows. We would be most grateful if many people throughout society come to support our activities as a training center designed to develop young researchers able to play a central role in Japan and the world.

Thank you.
Hiromi Sanada, PhD, RN, CWOCN
Director, Global Nursing Research Center
The University of Tokyo

Please Support Our Efforts to Foster Young Researchers.


The GNRC employs young researchers as Post-Doctoral Fellows and gives training programs in order for them to become Principal Investigators under the guidance of their mentors. The GNRC executes the following specific actions:

1. Employ young researchers as Post-Doctoral Fellows.
The candidates must have PhD degree with an interest in Nursing.

2. Promote research into the transdisciplinary innovative nursing.
The candidates will belong to either the Department of Care Innovation or Nursing Systems, and do transdisciplinary research under their mentors' guidance.

3. Provide programs for Post-Doctoral Fellows to be researchers leading transdisciplinary innovative nursing.
Seminars in the areas of Nursing Science & Engineering, Qualitative Research, and Health Quality Outcome Research, which are the core of the Transdisciplinary Innovative Nursing Research, and other classes regarding writing English research papers and Leadership, are among the compulsory courses for Post-Doctoral Fellows. Courses by Foreign Project Professors are conducted in English as part of our effort to place importance on globalization.

Your precious support will be used for fostering Post-Doctoral Fellows.

Please click here ‘GNRC website’ for more information.

Appreciation for Donators

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