Special Honorary


Special Contributing


Special Supporting


Engraved Name Plaque Displayed in the Yasuda Auditorium
(※See table below for details)
Gold, large sized, prime location Gold, large sized, prime location Silver, medium sized Bronze, small sized Bronze, small sized
Memorial Plate
Activity Report
Mail Magazine
Invitation to Events In exclusive setting Invitations to various online and offline events
e.g.) Donors and Scholars Event etc.(*1)
Recommendation for the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon(※2)
Lump-sum donation

Lump-sum donation

Lump-sum donation
Tax Benefits(※3) Japanese residents
U.S. residents (*3)
Residents in other countries
Project Based Appreciation (*4) See the project page

*1 Criteria for invitations vary for each event.
*2 Recommendations for the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon are limited to lump-sum applications. Please note that this is not a cumulative donation amount.
*3 U.S. residents are eligible for tax benefits if they donate to UTokyo NY (501c3).
*4 Some projects may provide gifts, but we will not ship them overseas. If you would like to receive gift items, please indicate your domestic shipping address in the remarks column or use the contact form.

Name Plaque Details