Why UTokyo need donation?

The University of Tokyo aims to become a university for the world, and we hope to work together with partners around the globe and across all areas of society to build a better and more equitable future for everyone. Today, appropriations from the state fiscal budget are inadequate for us to grow into world-class one and educate top-class innovative students since 2004. So we established UTokyo Foundation and seek to gain self-initiative fiscal resource by extensively support from the public. We strongly hope that you will consider joining with us as we work towards our goals, either by participating in our research and education or by supporting our activities

Areas of Support

1. Student Aids
16% of students at UTokyo depends on some form of financial aid. Your support enables students to focus academically and allow us to attract best students in the world.
2. Faculty & Research
Investing in professorship and research in the highest quality is critical to benefit our society. “UTokyo Future Society Initiative (UTokyo FSI)”, a new program to promote effective collaboration.
Get inspired by watching this video, and support our “UTokyo FSI” project!
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3. Facilities
UTokyo facilities play an important part of the students’ life. In order to guarantee that the University meets the requirements of world-leading research institution and continue to provide the top-notch environment for its students, faculties, and staff members, we will ensure that our libraries, teaching spaces, laboratories and other facilities are of the highest quality.
4. Athletics
Athletic activities are vital to human development and education. Your gift will supplement the budget to support all UTokyo athletic teams’ activities, and help cover the expenses in the areas of training, travel, recruitment, communications and equipment.
5. Alumni and others
Your contribution will further help promote activities of UTokyo Alumni Association globally. 

Ways of Support

You can donate via UTokyo Foundation website using your credit card.
If you wish to give regularly, it is possible to do so using a system called Recurring Gift. It’s a gift program for those wishing to send a fixed amount of money every month, twice a year or annually through your credit cards.
If you have securities that have appreciated in value, giving them to UTokyo allows you to receive a tax deduction for your gift without incurring capital gains taxes. You may wish to discuss the tax benefits of your gift with your accountant or attorney.
For other ways to support, please contact us via email

For US Residents

For US taxpayers, we recommend that you contact the following UTokyo-related organizations for further information. Both organizations obtain a US tax deductible status from IRS.
Friends of UTokyo Inc. (FUTI): FUTI, a not-for-profit charitable organization registered in the State of New York, provides financial support and opportunities for cooperation in joint projects and exchange of ideas for the worldwide community of UTokyo. The community includes individuals and organizations based in the U.S., Japan and other countries that are interested in participating in future development of UTokyo. Financial support will provide UTokyo to enhance the quality of education and research, and contribute to its leadership role in the cultural, scientific, academic and social fields.
 FUTI HP address
The University of Tokyo New York Office Inc. (UTNY): Established in 2015 in New York City, UTNY is committed to promoting collaborative research projects, organizing seminars, and facilitating educational exchange programs, which we believe can help make a positive impact in a global context.
 UTNY HP address

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