The Collaborative Creation of an Inclusive Future Society



A New Mission for the University of Tokyo

Since its founding in 1877, the University of Tokyo has contributed to Japan’s modernization through academic research and the cultivation of professional talents. Today, the University’s mission has grown beyond the fundamentals of education and research to encompass the important task of finding solutions to the increasingly complex issues that face our society.

How can we create a society that develops harmoniously while making the most of individuality? Recognizing that confronting this urgent issue head-on is part of the University of Tokyo's new mission, the Future Society Initiative (FSI) headquarters was launched in 2017.

The direction of our Future Society Initiative is consistent with the principles of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the United Nations for the year 2030. UTokyo will continue to amass knowledge that transcends the boundaries of the humanities and sciences and strive for deeper partnerships mediated by the SDGs both on and off campus, working toward the collaborative creation of a better and more inclusive future society.

We hope that you will endorse our Future Society Initiative and its goal of contributing to human society, and we look forward to your strong support.


FSI: Future Society Initiative

SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals

Call to Support the Future Society Initiative (FSI) Fund

The Future Society Initiative (FSI) Fund was established to provide support for the FSI projects coordinated by the FSI headquarters and to help them realize their goals.

Academic research at the University of Tokyo covers a broad range of topics, but not all these endeavors necessarily attract attention from the outset. Research that will someday be recognized with a Nobel Prize is also the result of twenty or thirty years of steady accumulation.

If donations are focused solely toward research that are currently in the spotlight, the society of the future will develop unevenly. Much of the research that will be important for the collaborative creation of our future society can be found in the low-profile explorations of basic research.

These research projects will also be supported by outstanding young talents. As well as enhancing and fostering scholarships and study abroad programs, it will also be essential to increase the number of secure posts for young researchers, so that we may work sustainably toward the creation of a better future society.

The FSI Fund will be used for various research endeavors and projects that will lead to a better future. We hope that many people from a wide range of backgrounds will support us in this collaborative effort to build a better, inclusive society for the future.


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Project Leader

Teruo Fujii

President, The University of Tokyo

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