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The University of Tokyo, with its 140-year history, began offering undergraduate programs in languages other than Japanese in October 2012 with the establishment of its PEAK (Programs in English At Komaba) undergraduate program.

PEAK is an educational program for students who have completed a set minimum number of years of education in a language other than Japanese. Accordingly, faculty members who support this program are committed to broadening the horizons of education, devising ways in terms not only of teaching methods but also course content to equip students with the comprehensive understanding of real-world complexities expected of UTokyo graduates. The course is also expected to provide the students with global communication skills necessary to accurately translate universal ideas into language and the imagination to consider the issues facing human society from a broad and long-range perspective. In this sense, although PEAK is a small program with a limited number of applicants, it represents a bold initiative on the part of the university.

We appreciate your understanding and humbly ask for your generous support for our efforts in the PEAK program.



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The English-language course offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, PEAK (Programs in English at Komaba) was launched in October 2012 in line with our philosophy of cultivating dynamic individuals with an international outlook and a strong pioneering spirit. This is the first undergraduate course at the University of Tokyo that allows students to earn a bachelor's degree entirely in English. It is essentially designed for students who have completed their primary and secondary education in languages other than Japanese. Students are selected through the Admissions Office (AO) entrance examination, which consists of a documentary and interview-based screening (for details, please see the College of Arts and Sciences website).

The establishment of this course embodies a key theme of The University of Tokyo's Action Scenario FOREST 2015 (formulated in March 2010) as a step toward “Building a Truly Global Campus” by “broadening student horizons by building a truly global campus with a diverse community of faculty and students from around the world.

The Necessity of the PEAK Scholarship


Bipasha Chatterjee (India)

Studying in Japan had been a dream of mine since junior high school. However, the financial hurdles were so high that at one point I was on the verge of giving up. Even after receiving my acceptance letter to PEAK, my mother and I spent many days searching for a solution. Then, suddenly, I received the wonderful news that I would receive a scholarship. I remember how happy I felt that my dream would now come true. I am grateful for the scholarship, and through my studies at PEAK, I hope to realize my full potential.



Ishraq Mutaher (Bangladesh)

Thanks to the scholarship, I have realized my dream of attending the University of Tokyo, a world-class university. In the future, I would like to work on my studies at PEAK to be able to contribute to society by supporting young people like me, who dream of studying in Japan and attending the University of Tokyo.



Janice Koh (Malaysia)

In the PEAK program, I am enjoying an extremely fulfilling student life, with classes full of intellectual stimulation as well as many opportunities to interact not only with other PEAK students but also my Japanese peers. I have also joined a student interaction club and am making the most of my dream of studying abroad in Japan.



Thomas Synnott (Australia)

Learning from some of Asia's top scholars and surrounded by highly motivated students from all over the world, I am studying hard every day while building an international personal network that will help me in my future career. In future, my dream is to work in the field of diplomacy, making full use of international law.



Ryotaro Doi (Japan)

As someone who had never left Japan before, my encounters with other students in the PEAK program with diverse cultural backgrounds were a breath of fresh air. Also, my experience working together with them at our school festivals and other events equipped me with communication skills and other tools that I could not have learned from lectures. In future, I intend to continue working with my international peers to create a large circle of friends at UTokyo that transcends nationality, and to work on honing the leadership qualities and other skills that I have acquired so that I will be able to use them on the world stage.



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