Your Support for Young Researchers in ICRR will be Appreciated
The research that was awarded as Novel Prize in Physics 2015 was
achieved by the enthusiastic works of many young researchers. In
fact, the worldʼs largest neutrino detector Super-Kamiokande was
constructed by a collaborative work of more than 100 researchers,
many of them young researchers.

Fortunately, I got a tenure position in the University of Tokyo in
the early stage of my carrier and devoted myself to my research without worrying
about my future. However, young researchers nowadays have a very hard time in
finding their permanent academic jobs. The fraction of fixed-term researchers in
the Japanese Universities increased substantially in recent years. I hope that young
people who eager to contribute to the humanity should be able to pursue their
goals. To help achieve their goals, ICRR established Fund for Young Researchers
to employ and support promising young researchers.

ICRR has the mission to study cosmic rays, neutrinos, gamma rays and
gravitational waves, and to solve the mystery of both the largest Universe and the
smallest particles. Your kind contributions help us support young researchers in

Takaaki Kajita
Director of ICRR
The University of Tokyo

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Main research projects in ICRR:
Neutrino and Astrophysics Research Division
  • Research on Elementary Particles and Astrophysics through theObservation of Neutrinos
  • Direct Detection of Dark Matter Particles
High Energy Cosmic Ray Divisioncherenkov telescope array
  • Research on the Origin and Nature of High Energy Cosmic RayParticles
  • Research on Many Aspects of the High-Energy Universe and DarkMatter Through Detections of High Energy Gamma Rays
Astrophysics and Gravity Research Division
  • Direct Detection of Gravitational Waves
  • Research on the Early Universe by Deep Multi-wavelength ObservationsKAGRA
  • Research on Various Theoretical Aspects in Elementary Particles and Cosmology

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