Request for Support from the Public Policy Graduate School Fund

The Graduate School of Public Policy celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.
Since its inception in April 2004, the Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP) has been producing professionals who lead government, local authorities, and the private sector through a balanced education in political science, law, and economics, and practical guidance from practitioner faculty.

Challenges that public policy must confront, such as rapid declines in birth rates and aging populations, global warming, technological innovation, and the internationalization of economic activities, are becoming increasingly complex by the day. Professionals in public policy are required to possess higher levels of knowledge and skills. The ability to collaborate with others to solve problems is also becoming increasingly important as various stakeholders address the challenges of public policy.

On the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we aim to reaffirm the mission of the graduate school and dedicate ourselves even more to nurturing global talents with flexible and creative thinking, international perspectives, and a deep understanding of diverse cultures and values.
This year, we are planning a number of public events. We would be delighted if many people could join us and learn about the wide range of research achievements at GraSPP.

We sincerely ask for your continued support.

Daiji Kawaguchi
Dean of the Graduate School of Public Policy

Please support our efforts to nurture talented professionals who will play a leading role in the sphere of global public policy


Support for Facilities

Environmental upgrades

Support for Students

Promoting internationalization

Educational Support

Endowed chair


Research Support

Research projects

Improvement and enhancement of the educational environment

Competing with public policy schools around the world

Heated discussions with students on urgent social issues

Connecting research findings to policy recommendations


1.Working to further improve our educational and research facilities

Your support will be used to upgrade facilities such as our student activity rooms and seminar rooms.


2.Improving student support and aiming at further internationalization

With more than 50% of its students coming from outside Japan, the Graduate School of Public Policy has the highest international presence of any department at the University of Tokyo. We have had students from 66 countries, and with more than 30 countries represented at any given time, the School constitutes a truly cosmopolitan campus. Your support will be used to provide scholarships for international students, as well as for UTokyo students pursuing their studies overseas.


3.In partnership with society, we are launching an endowed chair on urgent social issues

Your support will be used to fund an endowed chair.


4.We will engage in more practical research to generate policy proposals

 By connecting with real-life policy networks, we will be able to develop more high-level practical research and education. Your donations will be used to defray the costs of running our research projects.


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Project Leader

Daiji Kawaguchi

Dean of the Graduate School of Public Policy

The University of Tokyo

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