The Muographic Liberal Arts Fund was founded in 2020 by the University of Tokyo. This fund aims to promote cross-disciplinary research and education between scientists and artists to establish a unique methodology of muography outreach and scientific education that transcends nationality, gender, ethnicity, age and economics (SDG Targets 4 and 5).

This new form of cooperation between scientists and artists will be encouraged to generate artwork and research inspired by the muographic data at historic sites and the contribution of new perspectives. This will help scientists to comprehend how their work impacts society, and will also enable art/culture creators and the general public to better understand the integral role that science plays in enlarging human capabilities and knowledge in the present and the future (SDG Target 11).

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A  method which utilizes a naturally occurring resource, muon particles, as probes to non-invasively visualize the internal structure of gigantic objects such as volcanoes and cultural heritage sites (recently the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Japanese imperial burial mound, Imashirozuka, have been imaged with muography).


Our Aims

To promote excellent cross-disciplinary art and science projects.
To raise the visibility of muography to society through art exhibits and workshops.
To encourage both top and early stage artists to collaborate with muographers.
To conduct muographic measurements at historic sites in order to understand history from a new perspective.
To promote excellent Japan-Hungary art and science projects.

This fund is based on past and future muographic research of volcanoes, pyramids, nuclear reactors and its significance to science and society across the globe.


Project Leader


TANAKA Hiroyuki

Director of the International Muography Research Organization (MUOGRAPHIX)

The University of Tokyo Professor at Earthquake Research Institute

More detailed information can be found at Muographix and Muographers.

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