Message from Director of Tokyo College

Tokyo College was established in February 2019 as a place where outstanding researchers and intellectuals from both Japan and abroad gather. To contribute to the creation of knowledge for the "Future of the Earth and Human Society," we engage in various activities. For example, we invite accomplished scholars and researchers in diverse fields from around the world, fostering cross-disciplinary discussions and collaborative research not only within Tokyo College but also with members of other departments at the University of Tokyo. Moreover, we have been welcoming promising young researchers who are expected to become future leaders in interdisciplinary research for our postdoctoral programs.

Finally, what we consider most important is to involve the general public in these efforts toward the creation of knowledge. We have been broadcasting many of our lectures and workshops widely via webinars and introducing the researchers and research achievements at the University of Tokyo on the Tokyo College YouTube channel. Moving forward, we plan to explore more additional initiatives for co-creating knowledge with society.

Currently, a significant portion of the funding for these activities is covered by support from the University of Tokyo headquarters. However, for Tokyo College to further develop, your support is essential. We welcome donations not only from individuals but also from corporations and other organizations. Let us work together to build knowledge for the "Future of the Earth and Human Society." We greatly appreciate your support.

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About us

Tokyo College is an organization like no other. Founded in 2019 as an interface between the University of Tokyo and overseas researchers and research institutions, our goal is to make the University of Tokyo a "Global Center of Knowledge Creation" that contributes to the future of the Earth and human society. In order to achieve this goal, we invite outstanding researchers and intellectuals from overseas and plan cross-disciplinary collaborations with researchers within the university.

Another one of our goals is to make students and the general public aware of the fascination of learning, as well as promptly inform them about original and cutting-edge knowledge that has emerged at the University of Tokyo. We accomplish this through a combination of lectures, symposia, and the website. By connecting research both from within and from outside Japan, we create a place wherein we are able to consider various aspects of future society together with the people.

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Our Philosophy

Core Philosophy: Joy of Discovery and Power of Knowledge
Research Theme: The Earth and Human Society in 2050
Interdisciplinary Research Themes:
1) Digital Revolution and Future of Humanity
2) Tackling the Planetary Boundaries through Interdisciplinary Approaches
3) Japan Viewed from Inside and Outside
4) Humanities in 2050 – World Philosophy, World History, and World Literature
5) Life and its Value for Future Society



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Our Activities

We engage primarily in the following four activities.
1. Inviting distinguished researchers: Either in cooperation with the various departments of the University or in accordance with the research plan of the College, we invite distinguished researchers and intellectuals from both abroad and within Japan to stay at the College for a set period of time.

2. Cultivating early career researchers: We recruit excellent early career researchers who advance research relating to one of our primary themes and foster them in cooperation with researchers within the university.

3. Research collaboration: We advance cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary collaborative research between invited researchers and intellectuals and the University, as well as between researchers affiliated with the College, in order to produce new knowledge needed by the modern world.

4. Knowledge sharing: Through lectures and symposia by invited researchers, intellectuals, and affiliated researchers, we promptly share cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary research with students and the general public. We also make an effort to encourage dialogue among researchers, students, and the public.



Researchers at the forefront of the world

At Tokyo College, we exchange perspectives and conduct joint research with prominent researchers who are active at the forefront of various fields around the world, as well as disseminate cutting-edge research. We have also welcomed Nobel Prize laureates as speakers.

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How your donation will be used

Donations will be used to support the overall activities of Tokyo College, such as the following:
-    Inviting distinguished researchers,
-    Organizing symposia and other events,
-    Employing early career postdoctoral researchers,
-    Providing personnel expenses for management staff.
Funds will be allocated as needed depending on the amount collected.

Project Leader


Director of Tokyo College

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