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Striving to Create a "Global Base for Knowledge Collaboration"

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Photo: Makoto Gonokami

Makoto Gonokami, President

With the increasing pace of globalization, problems relating to the environment, to energy, and to developmental disparities between regions are emerging as important challenges that humanity as a whole will need to tackle. Japan, as a world leader in academic research, must contribute to solving these issues proactively by utilizing its wealth of academic knowledge. We at the University of Tokyo have a responsibility to carry on the tradition that our predecessors have handed down to us by developing the University as a center for the creation of knowledge and the cultivation of human talent, so as to contribute to the ongoing development of human society.

We would like students to learn to be able to forge, cultivate and utilize the three key abilities of being able to work things out for themselves from first principles, of having the patience to think things through, and of developing original ideas and concepts. In order to achieve this goal, we want them to be able to develop the broad outlook needed to relativize the self, and to use this as the motive power for achieving significant personal growth. The world-leading, outstanding research that the University of Tokyo has undertaken over the years can serve as the driver for this process. The prerequisite for the University to be a rich soil where the fruits of new knowledge can flourish is the maintenance of a diversified research and teaching environment, as well as strong financial underpinnings that can give the University significant freedom of action. It is our hope to create a “global base for knowledge collaboration” on this soil in which people of different generations and from different countries can work together on solving global problems by making effective use of knowledge.

The University of Tokyo will never cease to face this challenge with courage, wisdom, and a strong sense of responsibility.
We sincerely ask for your continued generous support for the University of Tokyo Foundation.

Makoto Gonokami
The University of Tokyo

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