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About the Emergency Relief Fund for Scholars and Students at Risk

President’s Message

The recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which is an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo by force of arms, is totally unacceptable.

I am deeply concerned about this situation, and in my message on February 25, I stated that, as a "university that serves the public interests of the world", we will take the necessary actions, including providing support for the people affected.
The mission of the University of Tokyo is to create a space for intellectual pursuit, that is open to the world and free from discrimination, for the future generations of Japan and the world.

As a result of this crisis, there are many students and researchers in Ukraine and neighboring countries who are unable to continue their education and research as they are not in a safe condition to study or conduct research.
These people are now facing a difficult situation, and the University of Tokyo has been urgently considering how to provide humanitarian assistance to them.

We are pleased to announce today that we will be launching a special program to accept these students and researchers for a short term at the University of Tokyo to support their education and research.
The University will be listing the educational and research environments we are able to offer on our website, and provide information to potential applicants about financial support (travel expenses, living expenses, etc.), housing support, and living support.

I believe that this is the first attempt of this sort by the University of Tokyo.
Even though we are still working out the details for the actual operation of this project as we go along, we are committed to making a definitive action in response to this situation.

To be able to respond quickly and reliably to these initiatives, the University of Tokyo will be providing this support program using its own financial resources.
However, there is a limit to what support we will be able to provide solely with our own financial resources.
Therefore, we have opened the "Emergency Relief Fund for Scholars and Students at Risk" to help as many students and researchers as possible who are facing difficulties through this program with your cooperation and kind support.

Your warm support for this undertaking would be greatly appreciated.

FUJII Teruo  
The University of Tokyo 
(Statement from President)
(Information of Emergency Relief Program for Scholars and Students at Risk Following the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia)

Use of the Fund

The following support activities will be provided to students and researchers who are unable to continue their education or research due to the current situation.
(1) Pre-departure inquiry desk
(2) Financial support ( travel expenses and living expenses) 
(3) Housing support ( accommodations, etc.) 
(4) Living support

Application period

First application period: March 30 - July 31, 2022

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