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IMSUT One to Gogo Fund: Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Establishment of IMSUT and the 50th Anniversary of the Reorganization of the Institute

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 2017 will mark the 125th anniversary of the Institute for Infectious Disease, which was the forerunner of the Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo (IMSUT). It will also mark the 50th anniversary of the reorganization of the institute and its renaming as IMSUT.
 To commemorate this milestone year we are seeking donations to support our project that aims to develop IMSUT into a medical science research institution that stands at the pinnacle of global research in medical science. Through the project our objective is to strengthen the human resource development base of IMSUT and make it one that is recognized internationally, develop a research environment that is comparable to any other organization globally, and promote active research and researcher exchanges with other regions around the world.

Project overview

 Given that 2017 is the year that will mark the 125th anniversary of the institute’s founding and the 50th anniversary of its reorganization, we have incorporated the numeral five (“Go” in Japanese), which appears in both these anniversaries into the title of this project—IMSUT One to Gogo.
 Through this project we aim to become a world-class research institute that engages in cutting-edge medical science research and advanced medical development research for the next generation. The following programs will be implemented.

(1) Developing global talent in medical science

Through the recruitment of overseas instructors and acceptance of international students, as well as the enhancement of various systems for dispatching students and faculty overseas, we will strengthen the human resource development base of IMSUT and make it one that is recognized internationally.

(2) Establishment of international research hubs

We will establish local hubs for joint research around the world, focusing on research institutions in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, etc., with which we have concluded academic agreements.

(3) Commemorative symposium

We will hold a commemorative symposium, inviting world-class researchers from around the world, and create an opportunity for exchange and interaction among domestic researchers, non-expert participants with a high level of intellectual interest and preeminent global researchers.

(4) Enhance facilities on the IMSUT campus (Shirokane-dai district)

We will redevelop a part of the Shirokane Campus, building a new research lab and international lodge, etc., with the aim of developing a future-oriented medical science research campus.

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