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Satsuki-Kai Scholarship Program (Support for Female Students)

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About the Satsuki-Kai Scholarship Program

The University of Tokyo Female Alumni Association “Satsuki-Kai” marked its 50th anniversary in 2011. It was 1946 when the first female students entered the University. Since then 69 years have passed, but female students still account for less than 20% of all students (9% in the Faculty of Engineering).

We are aiming to establish the Satsuki-Kai Scholarship Program, with the objective of encouraging female students to take the University of Tokyo entrance examination, supporting them financially and psychologically after entrance to the University, and ensuring that more and more women who will take a leading role in the society of the future graduate from the University.

The Satsuki-Kai Scholarship Program hopes to provide a beacon of hope for outstanding female students who, for various reasons, have felt they have no option but to give up on their attempt to enter the University of Tokyo. We hope for your warm and generous support in funding this initiative.

Overview of the Satsuki-Kai Scholarship Program

The program aims to engage in broad recruitment and selection activities of female students seeking entrance to the University and to provide a monthly scholarship of 30,000 yen for four years after entrance (standard term of study for undergraduates; students on a six-year course would be provided the monthly scholarship for six years).

Implementation period:
The plan is for a five-year period from fiscal 2013 to fiscal 2017. Following an assessment of the status of contributions and the effect of the scholarships, consideration will be given to reviewing and revising the content of the program for beyond fiscal 2017.

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