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The University of Tokyo Ski Team and the International Students Ski Seminar Support Foundation

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For the victory of the Intercollegiate games and the Ten universities Athletic Meet

The University of Tokyo Ski Team is training for ski competitions. We celebrated its 52nd anniversary this year. Currently, we are in the second part (out of four) of the intercollegiate games. Our goals are the victory of the intercollegiate games, the Ten universities Athletic Meet and the All-Japan public universities Ski championships. We are training hard during off-season as well as during winter in order to reach these goals. We raise our basic physical fitness and muscle strength by muscle training and running. On the other hand we improve our technical skills by doing roller ski, in-line skate or summer jump. During long weekends and holidays, we practice in Nagano and Hokkaido where the environment is better equipped than in Tokyo. We especially do a lot of training camps in the Hakuba Tsugaike Plateau where the Ski Team owns a lodge called “Hakureisou”. As for the winter trainings, we go to Hokkaido already in mid-November and start practicing on snow.
In addition, throughout the year, we are supervised by a intercollegiate first part coach or who has experienced the Olympic Games. The training is planned rationally and efficiently in order to bring the whole team closer to victory. Through such trainings, despite our no-snow-environment and no-selection-admission-team, we are reaping the fruits of our efforts by raising a Ski Jump champion etc.


Furthermore, since year 2000, our ski team volunteers a ski training session at “Hakureisou” for foreign students of the University of Tokyo who come from all over the world. Each year, we, the ski team members, managers and OB・OGs prepare plenty of activities such as ski classes, homemade meals, welcome parties and exchange parties with the local junior high school. This program has received high praises from those who participated.
In this activity, not only do we help foreign students who have never seen snow, master skiing, but we also widen our communication circle through common experience. The sparkling eyes of these students give great joy to us. Moreover, this activity is not only a way to support international students, but a great stimulation for the Univ. of Tokyo which has been opening its doors towards globalization, and for the staffs (notably the OB・OGs) who support this by volunteering. There is even a ski team member who reflected his future in a more international way thanks to these programs and went to post-university oversea. Thanks to the support of the University of Tokyo fund, our entirely handmade ski session for foreign students has created gratitude and smiles, and has received messages such as “I’m really glad I came to Japan.”



The purpose of the fund

1. Aid for transportation
2. Aid for wear fees and materials
3. Aid for the International students ski seminar
 Due to its nature, the ski team costs a lot of money (e.g. transports, equipment, training camps…). We are trying to reduce the cost and ensure the quality of the trainings at the same time. One of the solutions is using our own lodge (“Hakureisou”) as much as possible. However we are anticipating a further adapted environment to our training thanks to this fund.
 On top, we would like to expand the use of the lodge: not only by the ski team members, but also as a place for off-campus external activities for all students from the University of Tokyo. We would be grateful to continue and enlarge this activity with the help of the fund.


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