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Go Global Scholarship Program

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What is the Go Global Scholarship Program? (Project to support students registered at UTokyo to engage in overseas study or other activities)

The Go Global Scholarship Program provides economic assistance to students seeking to take up the challenge of overseas studies, internships or volunteer work, etc., with the aim of nurturing and developing tough human resources who possess the initiative to open up frontiers in the international community. The University of Tokyo aims to send out human resources who will be active internationally.

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In today’s fast-globalizing world it is important to nurture people who possess a broad international perspective and tough pioneering spirit and who will put their ideas into action with a sense of public responsibility. Given this situation the University of Tokyo Foundation is seeking to provide opportunities for international learning and research through overseas studies, etc., to students of the University at least once during their course. Our hope is that through such activities students will acquire true cultivation and learning, enabling them to be active in the international community after graduation.

We hope that you can support this initiative of the University of Tokyo.

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