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University of Tokyo Historiographical Institute Fund

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Please support the research activities of the Historiographical Institute

 The important documents held by the Historiographical Institute include such works as the Shimazu-ke Monjo (Documents of the Shimazu Family) , a national treasure and 15 designated Important Cultural Properties , all of which are shared cultural assets for the nation and humankind. The storage, preservation and restoration of such documents require significant and stable funding. Furthermore, the donations that we receive are put to use in the creation and expansion of historical databases, or towards the cost of scanning and digitizing ancient works, as well as in the various research and compilation activities that are being conducted by the institute. In this way the donations that are received contribute broadly to research into Japanese history.

Documents of the Shimazu Family (Map of the nation)
洛外洛中屏風 特別収蔵庫
(Right) Folding screen showing sights in and around Kyoto (restored and reproduced)
(Left) Special repository

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