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GraSPP Giving--For Raising Future Leaders in Global Public Policy Arena

Akio Takahara

 For over the past decade since our launch, Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP) has been working to educate public policy professionals who have broad knowledge and deep understandings of the worlds. We are expert in creating platforms of dialogue for future leaders by integrating academic learning from the fields of Law, Political Sciences and Economics and combining with essential learning through practical training and case studies by renowned faculty in their fields.

 Diversifying GraSPP community has been one of the priority focus since the beginning. One of the major achievements is accomplishing partnerships with seven other world-class institutions around the world, including the National University of Singapore, Columbia University, Paris Institute of Political Studies, among others.

 Implementing Master of Public Policy Program (MPP/IP) in our master’s degree also contributed to GraSPP diversification. GraSPP now offers about 45% of classes in English, one of the top ratio in the entire University of Tokyo community, making students enrolled in MPP/IP and other programs to earn high quality education in English.

 It is these rich experiences that GraSPP offer that have been enabling our graduates, who are now more than 1000 in total, to enter Japanese and international public policy arena succeeding to advance their careers. In the past few years, we also see increasing number of graduates entering major institutions in the field of think tank, financial market and international business markets. GraSPP doctoral program began in AY 2016, with the aim of fostering candidates with advanced abilities in interdisciplinary and international public policy areas as well as outstanding research capabilities in their field, with the goal of producing public policy leaders in Japan and around the world.

 As we experience upper ceiling in national funding for operating our institution, it is essential that we foresee the future need and ask for cooperation for our financial sources. Contributions from individuals and corporations will bring advantages of agility and financial self-reliance, therefore mobilizing GraSPP to advance our legacy of excellent programs to carry out our public mission.

 We sincerely ask for your continued support for the GraSPP fund.

Akio Takahara
Dean, Graduate School of Public Policy

Impact of Your Contribution

1.Expansion of Teaching and Research Facilities
 The Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP) will move to a new building (west of the Graduate School of Economics Building) expected to be completed in the summer of 2017.
 Your donation will help provide excellent facilities for the classrooms and seminar rooms in our new home.

2.Funding Scholarships
 Almost 40% of GraSPP's student body comes from overseas, the highest in the university. These students come from almost thirty countries, contributing to a truly cosmopolitan campus.
 Your donation will be used for funding for scholarships, both for international students coming to Japan and Japanese students overseas.

3.Endowed Chairs* on Pressing Social Issues
 *Endowed Chair: courses funded by companies/organizations
 Your contribution will be used to administer endowed chairs focusing on pressing social issues.

4.Practical research and policy proposals
 GraSPP has always sought to act as a bridge between the latest research and teaching and its real-world application. By linking up with extensive real-world policy networks, GraSPP is able to offer higher level and more practical research and education.
 Your donation will help to fund these research projects.

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