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School of Science Foundation

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Support for the development of young scientists who will open up new and as-yet unknown areas of knowledge and contribute to human society

1. Enhance support for university entrants
To date support for master’s degree students has been limited. By using donated funds as scholarship assistance for students who would find it otherwise difficult to enter a course due to economic circumstances, we hope to develop an environment in which students can concentrate on their studies.
* Since the financial crisis of 2008 there are an increasing number of students who are finding it difficult to concentrate exclusively on their studies.

2. Nurture human resources who can take on the world
By using donated funds to fund overseas travel for students and invite outstanding instructors and students from overseas, we will nurture young researchers who can make their mark internationally.

3. Develop educational and research environments
By utilizing donated funds to construct buildings, facilities and develop facilities, we will work to create an environment in which undergraduate and graduate students of the School of Science can engage fully in research activities.

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