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Shichitokudo Improvement Project

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About the Shichitokudo Improvement Project

 Situated to the south of the Gotenshita Memorial Arena, Shichitokudo is a Japanese martial arts gymnasium constructed in 1938 in the traditional Japanese style. The structure was registered as a building of historical importance by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2004 and is used for daily training by five of the University’s martial arts clubs: judo, kendo, Shorinji Kempo, karate and aikido. However, the building is now showing conspicuous signs of age and the facilities and equipment for martial arts practice are in need of updating.
 The aging of basement facilities such as the men’s toilets, washroom, baths and showers is particularly severe. Furthermore, as the original building design did not even contemplate facilities for female club members, the women’s washrooms and shower facilities, etc., are of a low standard. These problems pose a significant obstacle to the activities of the five martial arts clubs that use Shichitokudo. As international exchange in martial arts has also increased in recent years, for the building to remain in its current state would be an embarrassment when viewed from the perspective of global standards.

 Given this situation the Shichitokudo Reconstruction Project fund was established to support the activities and recruitment drives of the martial arts clubs that use Shichitokudo and to expand the number of users of the facilities, both within and outside the University. It was recently decided that the University would engaged in seismic reinforcement and improvement works on Shichitokudo. In tandem with this University-funded construction, the Shichitokudo Reconstruction Project aims to engage in improvements and development of the following specific facilities:

1. Renovation and improvement of basement plumbing and wash facilities.
2. Development of first-floor facilities for female members.
3. Repair of the first-floor dojo flooring.

 We ask for your kind cooperation in supporting this reconstruction project.


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